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Maternal Health Project Caldwell, Liberia, West Africa 2022

Hey Folks,

Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to watch our ICFM update video of 2021. We are so excited to share our progress with you as we near our open doors this year. We are so close, that we can almost taste the breeze that comes beyond exiting a long and very very difficult tunnel to cross. Last few steps to cross that Mile. What we now need, is some startup funds to staff the clinic.

We continue to work on trying to reach our goal of 50,000$. We are aiming to open our doors as soon as we can in 2022. We want to make it count. Together we can make a difference. To make your donations, Please visit our Donate page.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Event, as we will be setting up a fundraiser very soon.

As always, a BIG thanks to all our supporters, and God Bless you and keep you safe, with a lot of love,

Konah and Dianne

Our Founder is back and the clinic is wow

Hey folks, our founder has just come back from Liberia. He had been working, sweating day in day out for over 6 months. While back here in Canada, his partner, best friend and life companion, is holding down the fort with the family. Both their sleeves rolled up, adding brick by brick, painting, setting up the equipment, or making food for the kids, managing the house, or the internals of the Charity, you can see the list is very long, but most importantly their beautiful wonderful dream they are sharing with us, is coming to fruition!

Many thanks to all our supporters!