Hurray! Our first clinic is finally built!

We all face our own challenges in life, and when facing these challenges, every step taken towards success becomes just as important as the next step! With that said, the amount of work we have faced so far, has been in all honesty overwhelmingly daunting. We have been working on this as many of you know, restlessly for years, and giving up was never and will never be  an option, and we know that we still have a lot of tasks left to complete before we can welcome our first patient.

With that said, we think it’s important to take a moment, to catch our breath and enjoy this excellent milestone, as you can see in the pictures listed below our accomplishement so far. We have no doubts that we will get there wih your help! Our current project is aimed to be completed and welcoming patients by 2019.

We will continue to keep you posted, so please come back soon, and don’t forget to please donate!

Clinic is almost done
Clinic is almost done

Thank you in advance for your generous contributions!

Konah & Dianne